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The Story, in short

CuriO started as an early exploration into the accessibility of programming education for visually impaired children during discussions within the community of computer science education experts at the SplashCon Conference 2018 held in Boston. Prior to this, Krishna, co-founder, dVerse Labs had been always inquisitive about inclusive education and had developed successful models to engage children in computational and design thinking processes. He is the recipient of National Awards for Transformational Innovation in the fields of design education for children

a thesis project at the Delft University of Technology (Netherlands), when Krishna (co-founder, dVerse Labs) 


with an early exploration, starting with Dr. Felienne
Hermans’ proposal ‘Inclusive programming education: The accessibility of existing programming materials for visually impaired children’, that her team at the Programming Education Research Lab (PERL) at the Leiden Institute for Advanced Computer Science (Netherlands), have been researching. Following 

Features highlighted in product render, other parts faded

Why CurIO is unique?
Minimalist UI
Familiar Mental Models
Code Folding
Cross IDE Compatible
Mainstream Languages
Allocentric Elements
Plug and Play
Customizable buttons


The Story, in short


Aesthetic Perception

All figures from thesis report

How CuriO is different?

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