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About us 

dVerse Technologies is an assistive technology startup, incubated at IIT Madras Research Park (Chennai). We are developing affordable & accessible human computer interface (HCI) devices for people with visual impairments. Our vision is to enable access to mainstream STEM education & career opportunities for people with visual impairments with affordable assistive technologies 

CuriO is an affordable tactile tablet with a
2 -way interface that displays visual content such as diagrams, graphs and geometry as an array of tactile embossed pixels for users to touch and feel. Users can also listen to audio labels and descriptions of the visuals being displayed.

Our Products 

Graphs and Economics 
STEM concepts 
Shapes and games 


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Through the integration of image processing, computer vision, and precise hand tracking, a transformative system has been engineered to provide real time audio feedback.

As users engage with the tablet's surface, this technology adeptly traces their hand movements and when they tap on specific parts of the tablet, they can hear audio labels. This ensures that users who don't use braille can access this device as well.


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skimWise is an app that can help summarize PDF documents page wise which can help VI students and professionals read through big chunks of information effectively using a screen reader.


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Access textbooks and PDFs


Efficient revision before exams 


Skim through documents at work


Read newspapers

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