Frequently asked questions

Can UVFY be installed in existing elevators or only in new elevators?

Our design ensures easy installation in any existing elevator with minimal intervention.

Will your product affect the Annual Maintenance Contract of our elevator?

No, it shouldn't affect the AMC. However, we recommend the consultation of the company handling the AMC.

Does the product really kill the coronavirus?

As per the test results, our product successfully destroys the coronavirus and other pathogens within 4.5 minutes. Our product has been certified by CSIO, the certifying body empanelled by ICMR.

How long should I wait for your product to sterilize the elevator?

UVFY takes 2 minutes to sterilize the air within the elevator and 4.5 minutes for sterilizing all the surfaces within a six passenger elevator.

At the peak hours of the day during continuous usage of the elevator, how do you ensure that the lift is getting sterilized?

We provide you with the option of a scheduling mode, using which you could schedule the sterilization cycle at certain hours everyday. (this makes it possible to sterilise effectively even in high traffic contexts)

What if there is an emergency to use the elevator while the sterilization is on?

In case of emergencies, users could still use the elevator. Our control system ensures that UVFY turns off as soon as the door opens, ensuring no one gets exposed to the UV rays. The sterilization will continue once users leave the elevator.

Aren't UV rays harmful to the human skin and eyes?

Yes, which is why our AI-based control system ensures that the UV lights turn on for disinfection only in the absence of humans and pets.

What if the UV lights turn on when I am travelling in the elevator?

Our control system ensures that the UV lights turn on only in the absence of humans and pets. While our system is robust, even in case of an unanticipated failure, we have provided an emergency stop button.